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Ultrasonic Weld Inspection Station

Ready To Go! Today we put finishing touches on the ultrasonic weld inspection station designed and manufactured for a domestic API line-pipe producer. The system is scheduled for install later this month. Once installed it will be performing 100% inline weld-seam inspection on high pressure API pipeline pipe. We're proud to say we're shipping on-time and on-budget ….again!

Reverse Engineer and Reproduce Knuckle Press Ram

A local customer operates several knuckle presses in a high volume packaging-material production facility. The presses are critical to the customers operation. After several in-house attempts to repair a cracked ram, the customer contracted Marando to reverse engineer for fit-up and completely re-engineer for load bearing and durability for the purpose of reducing or eliminating the stresses that caused the original design ram to fail. The first image below is the original ram (after multiple repair attempts) and the second is the re-engineered ram designed and fabricated by Marando.

OMCA Strip Back Mill & Bevel Machine Order Received

We're pleased to announce the sale of another OMCA ART 910 Strip Back Mill & Bevel machine to Senior-Flexonics-Pathways, a Texas based manufacturer of specialty pipeline couplings used in the Petrochemical and Nuclear industries. Products made by SFP are extraordinarily important to the viability and safety of critical energy infrastructures. We're proud to say they've chosen OMCA machines to insure the quality of their welds!

Contract Award: Inline UT Inspection Station

Marando Industries is pleased to announce it has secured a quick-turn contract to design, install and integrate an Ultrasonic Testing Station for a domestic API Pipe Mill. The new "UT" station will be installed down stream of the weld station and is the first line of defense against defect welds. In a continuous operation, it's imperative that weld defects be detected immediately so the line can be stopped and the weld parameters corrected immediately, thereby reducing scrap losses and minimizing the possibility of a defect weld reaching the end customer. To improve the reliability and fidelity of ultrasonic testing data, the testing electronics are mounted on a precision linear rail guide system that is itself mounted on a ruggedly constructed bridge frame in an effort to minimize vibratory inputs and facilitate integration of a servo controlled seam tracking system. Our customer was concerned about deflection of the frame and its impact on test data fidelity. For that reason, the frame was modeled in FEA and optimized to assure optimum mechanical performance. The UT station will be provided complete with a stand-alone electronic control package that will be integrated to the existing line onsite.